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Our Service for all Cargo

Agencias Navieras B&R offers stevedoring services for import and export shipments to and from all the ports of the Dominican Republic. We have specialized personnel and all the port equipment as well as equipment for cargo transport, merchandise loading and unloading, break bulk, bulk, freight containers and project cargo. Our team can effectively unload and transport any type of special cargo, whether heavy lift and oversized cargo, with the highest security standards. At B&R, we handle the stowage of carbon, grains, steel, wood, palettes, cement, salt, fertilizers, chemical products, billets, wire, coil, big bags, corn and metal structures; as well as all types of wheeled vehicles and merchandise.

We have a diversity of equipment for the stevedoring of all types of cargo, and capacity for hoisting any structure.

With regards ground transportation, we specialize in containers and general cargo to any location in the country. We have vast experience in project management and can move special cargo ( determined by weight or bulk size) with the highest security standards. Our substantial fleet of trucks allows us to handle  all types of cargo and volume.

In case of emergency, all operations rely on the assistance of a maintenance repair truck, available 24/7.

This mobile repair shop is equipped with a welding machine, air compressor, acetylene, replacement tires, etc.

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